The Radical Left-Wing Agenda

I just saw this comment at a right-wing blog, and it so perfectly describes the Radical Left-Wing Agenda that I felt I should pass it on.

I had an interesting discussion with a conservative-leaning friend who doubted that liberals were anti-American, and sided with the terrorists. “Why would they want the terrorist to win?” he asked. I think it is quite simple.

First, the left is still enamored by Marxist/Stalinist socialism. This is why they embrace Castro, Chavez, Kim, ad nauseum. I know this is different than Islamo-fascism, but hang in there, I’m getting there…

Second, left-wing extremists hate our free society. They do not appreciate hearing viewpoints that disagree with heir own. They believe that they already have all the answers, and any conflicting arguments are counter-productive at best.

Third, they believe their socialist ideal is achievable, but only after the current capitalistic, democratic republic is eliminated. Therefore, they see the Islamo-fascist sabotage of our country as an opportnity [sic] for their takeover. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. They believe that after they can take over our country only after:
1. Islamists nuke Washington DC and the US Government fails, or
2. The democrats win both houses of congress and vote to surrender to the Islamo-fascists, or
3. The democrats win both houses of congress and vote to weaken our defenses to the extent that #1 or #2 occur.

Then the fun happens. The constitution will be re-written to change “rights” to “demands”. Free speech will be replaced by “correct” speach [sic]. Religion will be outlawed. Private property will be eliminated, and a system whereby income taxes will rise to 100%, with the government deciding how much money to distribute. We have seen this pattern before.

Of course, the Islamo-fascits [sic] have no special love for leftists, either. They will not be satisfied with nuking one US city. They have made their case quite clear…they intend to eradicate us “devils”. Even a leftist attempt to placate the Islamo-fascists by offering American Jews to them will not satisfy their hunger for western deaths.

This is the snapshot view of my opinion of the leftists’ motivations to our current problems.
They’ve figured us out! We’ve got to find out who’s been leaking our plans. I think it’s probably Angelos. Bastard.

The thing is, looking at our strategy all laid out like that, I’m realizing there are a couple of flaws. I mean, if we actually vote to surrender to the Islamo-fascists, do you really think they’re going to let us outlaw religion? Upon reflection, it does seem kind of naïve to assume that religious fundamentalists are going to go along with the whole criminalization of religion thing. Maybe we should start working with the Chinese.

Either way, they’ll totally let us ban Christmas!

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