Question of the Day

Do you fall on the "conservative" side of any major issues?

I've known very few people who were 100% liberal, or 100% conservative, by modern definitions. I've known people who were otherwise quite liberal, but were staunch defenders of the death penalty, and people who were otherwise quite conservative, but were staunch defenders of legal gay marriage. (In a historical sense, that would be a conservative position re: privacy rights, but in a modern sense, not so much re: social conservatism.)

I'm rather conservative when it comes to the national budget; I absolutely don't believe in carrying debt and firmly support a balanced budget amendment, but, by the same token, the way I would achieve this goal is decidedly progressive, in that I would significantly reduce defense spending (and redirect any leftover to social programs, starting with universal healthcare). I also don't particularly feel any sadness regarding the death penalty for war criminals, although I wouldn't petition for it and wouldn't care if it were banned. I'm not totally anti-porn, which undermines my feminist credentials in some circles.

I'm sure there are other things, although those are the first few that came to mind. How about you? What's your hidden conservatism?

(Or, if you're generally a conservative, what's your hidden liberalism?)

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