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The Rude Pundit:

Fox has also recorded ads for Democrats Ben Cardin of Maryland and Jim Doyle of Wisconsin. According to the Washington Post, "He has also made plans to appear at events for two Democrats, Sen. Robert Menendez of New Jersey and Tammy Duckworth, a candidate for Congress from Illinois."

C'mon, Limbaugh and the rest of you uber-right bags of douche. Fuck with Doc Hollywood.
And more from Chet.

You know, the thing I find the most amazing in all this is how starkly it delineates the lives of those who have never had anything bad happen to them that wasn't in their control. Rush Limbaugh gets addicted to drugs, arrested, humiliated...not my fault! Not my responsibility! Every else is to blame! Left-wing conspiracy! Pity me! All he can do is writhe in the shit he created and make a complete arse of himself.

Meanwhile, Michael J. Fox is stricken with a terrible disease, something over which he had no choice and no control, and he endeavors to find a way to fix it, if not for himself, then for others who will come after him. He carries himself with strength and dignity, and puts himself out there in the hope of changing minds, risking ridicule, which is swiftly delivered by pigs like Limbaugh.

The difference between the two men could not be more pointed.

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