I Hate Bill O’Reilly: Part 9,386,172 in an Ongoing Series

He’d like to take care of all of us bloggers who have the temerity to involve ourselves in politics, no less get pissed about our president doing things like eradicating habeas corpus and endorsing torture, with a hand grenade.

The hat tip goes to Griffin, who says: “Bill O'Reilly decrying the personal vitriol in political discourse is pretty much the definition of the pot calling the kettle black.” Indeed. Check out this Greatest Hits Reel of O’Reilly making personal attacks (which he claims he never makes).

You’ll notice that many of these come from his daily radio show, for which, as I’ve noted before, O’Reilly uses to display the depth of his conservative extremism. It was there he offered up San Francisco as a target to al-Qaeda, for instance—something he never would have said on his nightly show. There, he parades himself as Mr. Pragmatic Everyman, appealing to moderates, while he uses his radio outlier to generate support among extremists, who are primed by peers like Rush Limbaugh. It’s a truly nefarious little operation he has going. I imagine many of the center-right people who watch his show and line his pockets by buying his books have no idea the scope and level of extremism he has been purveying on his radio show every day—though they will now, since it’s evidently beginning to creep into his telly broadcasts as he begins to lose his audience.

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