Get a Grip

“Raising images of war and stressing his experience as a Vietnam veteran, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Republican challenger says in a new fundraising letter that her ‘ruthless campaign to seize power is a serious threat to a secure future for America.’”

To seize power? Oy. This is reminiscent of Hastert’s whinging on Rushbo’s show yesterday that Democrats are having the temerity to try to “affect our election.”

Fucking crybabies, the whole lot of ‘em. All they ever talk about is “spreading democracy” all over the world, yet they can’t stop bitching and moaning about the most basic tenet of a democracy here at home—that is, if you do a shite job, you just might lose.

Boy, whoever it was that said “A dictatorship would be a heck of a lot easier, there's no question about it” sure was right, eh?

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