BlondeSense Liz:

A 13 year old boy somehow got his hands on a freaking AK-47 and brought it to school in Joplin Missouri. He shot the ceiling. No one was injured. God help us.
We don’t need God to help us. What we need is a Congress who doesn’t pander to special interests, and instead puts the Federal Assault Weapons ban back in place. It would also be nice to have a president who doesn’t pretend he’s got no power when it comes to such things, and, instead of pressing his party-led Congress to extend the ban, throws his hands up and says, “Well, derrrrr, there was nuttin’ I could do! Congress didn’t send me a bill to sign!”

And, btw, the NRA can kiss my big fat ass. You want to have a gun to hunt? Fine. You want to have a gun to protect yourself? Fine. But you can shove your manifestly ludicrous claim that banning assault weapons, which have no other purpose than killing lots of other people as quickly as possible, is an enfringement on our Second Amendment rights straight up your smoking barrels, you nutwits.

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