Cheap Shots

That's the thing about blogging... and pretty much all of us are guilty of it. Sometimes the cheap shot is easier than actually being thoughtful.
The other question I'd just love to have somebody ask is: "How many Iraqis have died to deliberately write bloody headlines for the New York Times …?"
Distasteful as that comment may be, I recommend that you follow the link and read some of the comments... if you're not familiar with statistical analysis, and are curious about why the Lancet study should be taken very seriously, there's some excellent information in there.

The comment thread is also amazingly low on name calling, which makes it tolerable. Though after that New York Times comment, only just barely.

Energy dome tip to Crooks & Liars; they point to this post:
Of course, that assumes that America, and American media, are willing to face the truth, fully and completely. But, as we have seen repeatedly demonstrated in recent years, that is the one thing we resolutely refuse to do under any circumstances, most especially when it calls our precious, and false, self-image into profound question.
Also worth a look.

(Believe it or not, I'm cross-posting on air...)

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