Bush says Democrats would raise taxes. First of all, who knows what those nimrods will do if and when they ever take back Congress. They don’t even seem to have a fricking clue, so I seriously doubt that The Great Clueless Dictator can predict with any accuracy what the future would look like under a Democratic majority. Secondly—and more importantly—so what if they raise taxes? I’m so bloody tired of tax cuts being spoken about as if their value is inherent. It isn’t. Federal tax cuts don’t matter if they starve the federal government of revenue that we need for things like maintaining the national infrastructure. Federal tax cuts don’t matter if your property taxes double or you lose your job and hence your health insurance.

This American regard for taxation as somehow separate from anything concrete, an argument boiled down to “how much do I get versus how much the government gets,” drives me absolutely around the wanking bend. Increased taxation can be a good thing if you’re getting a lot for your money, but try telling an American that if we raise their taxes to give them universal healthcare, they’ll actually save money over the course of a year, because the tax increase would be less than their monthly premiums. You can’t get past “raise your taxes” before they’re calling you a traitor.

Pennywise and pound foolish.

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