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GOP losses could spark partisan warfare. Oh, I’m sorry—we haven’t been seeing partisan warfare until now? Give me a fucking break.

The GOP has been using Bush’s mandate and its control of Congress to justify doing whatever in blazes it wants to do for the past six years. Now they’re fixing to use losing their stranglehold on power to justify acting like maniacal banshees. Whatfuckingever. Let’s just call this what it is—further evidence that the GOP has no interest in governing; they just want to win and plunder, or, failing that, serve as obstructionist fuckwits. Either way, they couldn’t have the interests of the average American any less in mind.

The White House is bracing for guerrilla warfare on the homefront politically if Republicans lose control of the House, the Senate or both.
Well, at least they be bothered to brace for guerilla warfare somewhere. Who says the administration hasn’t learned any lessons from Iraq?

Loss of either chamber also could subject his administration to endless congressional inquiries and investigations.
We can only hope.

Bush, in his own get-out-the-vote appeal, told Republicans: "The consequences of not succeeding this fall are dire for our agenda for America."
Or, in English: “The consequences of not succeeding this fall are dire for my ass, which will soon be spanked by Teddy Kennedy or Barney Frank—and that’s not something anyone wants to see, is it?”

Bush even suggested last week that insurgents in Iraq were stepping up their violence in a bid to influence the elections.

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