All that's missing is the plunk-plunk

Whether due to ennui, lethargy, or some other condition that rhymes with "whee," I have not been much in the mood lately for blogging on politics, culture, or on anything much more substantial than the state of my fantasy football team or a belated comparison of the candymakers Wonka. However, the latest report on Jeanine Pirro's foundering political fortunes is enough to momentarily rouse me from my torpor. Good heavens, what a high-profile mess. It strikes me that the Pirro campaign, with its attendant themes of frustrated political ambition, marital infidelity, and criminal intrigue (with a guest appearance by Bernard Kerik!), has devolved into perfect fodder for an episode of Law & Order. But which specific show in Dick Wolf's empire, I wonder? I vote for L&O: Criminal Intent: this storyline just begs for the full Goren treatment, with accompanying snarkiness from Eames. I smell Emmy!

(Cross-posted...sleepy now...)

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