Somebody wants to be just like Ricky Santorum when she’s all growed up.


Just a day after Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez announced his running mate would be Mesa County commissioner Janet Rowland the ticket is in "deep damage control" after Democrats released a transcript of a March TV interview in which Rowland compared same-sex marriage to bestiality.

Appearing March 17 on the PBS program ''Colorado State of Mind,'' Rowland said homosexuality is an alternative lifestyle. ''For some people, the alternative lifestyle is bestiality," she went on to say. "Do we allow a man to marry a sheep?''

…''Some people have group sex," she said on the program. "Should we allow two men and three women to marry? Should we allow polygamy, with one man and five wives?''
Some people get clocked for saying stupid shit. Should I be allowed to beat the stuffing out of Janet Rowland?

Gee, I know—let’s put it to a vote. I’m going to draw up a referendum for all the LGBT people in Colorado, and if they vote “yes,” then I get to wail on her. Considering Rowland feels that she ought to get to vote on the basic rights of gay people, I’m sure she won’t object.

What say you, Punching Nun?

“I say we take her down!”

(Shakes the collegian, pre-chub and clearly
majoring in drinking and fucking around.)

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