Oh, the Humanity!

Won't someone please think of the guards?
WASHINGTON (AFP) - "War on terror" detainees are hurling spit, urine, feces and the occasional flip-flop at guards in a cat-and-mouse struggle at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, documents released by the Pentagon show.

The skirmishes between prisoners and guards are succinctly recorded in incident reports made public by the Pentagon following a Freedom of Information Act request made by a conservative legal group, the Landmark Legal Foundation.

About 11,000 documents were posted with no notice in mid-June on a Pentagon website, each one giving a brief description of an incident and the time and day they occurred.
Good lord! What savages! I simply cannot comprehend why they might behave this way!

Numerous incident reports recount prisoners waiting for the bean hole to open and then hurl cups of urine or feces at the guards.

Toothpaste tubes, meal trays, plastic utensils, and an apple were among the objects thrown at guards, according to the reports.

On July 6, 2005, a detainee "threw a flip flop out of the bean hole striking the guard, then threw his other flip flop at the block guard missing her," a report said.

Other attacks made use of the element of surprise.

A report on July 23, 2005 tells of a block guard "walking the tier" at 9:50 pm and noticing that all the detainees were praying except one.

"The guard momentarily paused as he walked past at which time the detainee spit on the guard's face and into his left eye," the report said.
I'm sure the Landmark Legal Foundation will immediately recommend legislation to protect Guantanamo guards from poo.

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