So much for that little bounce. Glub...glub...glub...
The conventional wisdom was so widely believed, there hardly seemed any point to questioning it. The alleged terrorist plot would be a political boon for the Bush White House, the timing would hurt Democrats, and the story had the ability to completely reshape the last 12 weeks of the campaign cycle.

Since the story captured the nation's attention, however, seven national polls have been conducted. If there was a bump for Bush, it's hiding well.

* Zogby: the president's job approval rating dropped from 36% to 34%.

* Gallup: his approval rating fell from 40% to 37%.

* CBS News: the president's support remained flat at 36%.

* Newsweek: Bush's approval rating improved to 38% from 35%.

* Fox News: the president's support remained flat at 36%.

* AP/Ipsos: his approval rating fell from 36% to 33%.

* Harris: the president's support remained flat at 34%.

In six of the seven national polls, the president's support dropped or remained the same since Americans heard about the alleged terrorist plot. In other words, the story that would obviously help Bush's standing isn't helping him at all.
The saturation point has been reached; people simply aren't falling for the hysteria anymore. Sure, people are still worried about terrorists and terrorist attacks (including us folks on the Left, although several pants-wetters insist it isn't so), apparently more than the Bush Administration (who, true to form, are more interested in protecting themselves than protecting Americans). But at this point, the only people that are in hysterics over "terrorist plots" are Conservatives that are panicking as their house of cards tumbles. And I see Michelle Malkin has groomed some guest bloggers and is keeping the Fear of Brown People fires burning:
The woman that disrupted the London-NY flight on Wednesday appeared in federal court yesterday.

The word is that she's simply crazy, and not a terrorist, although her circumstances are more than a little suspicious:
Ms. Mayo'’s 31-year-old son, Josh, told reporters in Vermont that his mother was a peace activist who had been visiting a Pakistani pen pal and that she had just had a "“bad time" on the flight. It is unclear how long she had been in Pakistan, but she worked as a journalist there, writing columns for the Daily Times of Pakistan, assailing the war and American political policy.

Visiting a Pakistani pen pal? That's sure odd.

Yeah, what's up with that? No real American could possibly have a friend in Pakistan! She must be a terrorist!
Also, the woman had a screwdriver in her carry-on bag.

The story seems to be that she was feeling claustrophobic and went into some sort of panic attack. But then, why did she have the screwdriver? That implies some level of thought before boarding this flight. Stay tuned for developments....
Of course, mental illness, panic or simple paranoia couldn't explain the screwdriver. It had to be a terrorist plot!

Really, this is just getting embarrassing.

(My cross-post and your grandma... sittin' by the fire...)

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