You Can't Handle the Truth!

When asked by George Stephanopoulos to respond to the assertion of administration critics "who say that the administration's actions have unleashed, have helped unleash the very hostilities you hoped to contain," what was Condi's response?

A. "This is an indeed an embarrassing but undeniable consequence of our foreign policy."

B. "Between you and me, Georgie, that was the plan all along. Mwah ha ha ha!"

C. "The notion that policies that finally confront extremism are actually causing extremism, I find grotesque."

D. "The Condibot is programmed to disregard reality, therefore its answer may appear to the traitorous reality-based community to be utter bullshit, but Clenis-loving midgets will not question the Condibot or they will be slayed."

If you answered C, you are correct. (Our judges would have also accepted D.)

Thank you for playing. If you're a winner, please report to the nearest Halliburton Detention Center where you will be awarded your prize.

(Crossposted at Ezra's place.)

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