Sheriff’s Dispatcher and Deputy Canned for Sex Party

A guy comes home expecting his wife—a dispatcher for the sheriff’s office—to be alone, but instead finds police cars in his driveway. So he goes to a convenience store, buys a disposable camera, and walks in to capture on film pictures of his wife having sex with a male deputy sheriff. Then he gets into a scuffle with a female deputy sheriff, who’s there with her husband—a Texas Ranger—and runs away, calling 911 out of fear for his life. He later turns over the photographs as evidence.

Guess who gets fired?

The dispatcher wife, because “She is a married woman,” and “It looked bad for the department.” And the female deputy, because “sources said she made threats against the husband.”

The male deputy…well, he just resigned. And the male Texas Ranger…well, he’s still got his job.

Why, pray tell, does it look bad for the department for a married female dispatcher to be having an affair, but it doesn’t look bad for the department for a male deputy to be having an affair with a married woman?

Something tells me the best explanation for this double standard can be found right in the nameplate of one of the reporting sources.

(Via Sploid.)

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