Setting New Standards in Creepy

If my last post about Vladimir Putin kissing the bare stomach of a kid wasn't enough to give you the jibblies, then hold onto your socks for the explanation:

Putin Kissed Boy "Like a Kitten"
"People came up and I began talking to them, among them this little boy. He seemed to me very independent, sure of himself and at the same time defenseless so to speak, an innocent boy and a very nice little boy," Putin told the Web cast.

"I tell you honestly, I just wanted to touch him like a kitten and that desire of mine ended in that act."
"Wanting to kiss his smooth, smooth boyflesh had nothing to do with it! So defenseless.... so... defenseless...." So... touching someone "like a kitten" involves nuzzling their bare stomach. Funny, if I was suddenly gripped by that urge, I'd want to scratch them behind the ears. But that's just me.

Not creeped out enough yet? How about the kid's reaction?
The Izvestia daily, which tracked down Nikita, discovered that he had refused to wash after that kiss.

"I just liked him and he liked me very much. I want to be president myself," the five-year-old told the paper.
(bold mine)

Good heavens. It's Marcia Brady/Davy Jones syndrome!

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