If Chris Matthews can’t stop talking crap, he should shut up.

Really. I mean it. Just shut up.

Let me ask you about Rudy Giuliani. We just had a little joust off-camera—I’m always told don’t waste it off-camera. I believe he’s not only running, I think he’s going to win the whole thing come around the next election, the way things look right now.
How did NostradamChris the Useless GOP Spunkbucket come to this conclusion? Because “We’ve got a murder problem in Washington, D.C., in Baltimore, in Philly. There’s something going on, it’s not the economy. We’ve got a street problem and isn’t Rudy the toughest cop in the country? … You can walk through the streets when he was mayor, and come home alive.”

I could probably spill 1,000 words examining his statement that “we’ve got a murder problem” in American cities, and 5,000 more on his (blatantly inaccurate) implications that the economy is just splendid for everyone and that there’s no relationship between the economy and crime. But would I say anything that you don’t already know? Probably not.

So instead let’s just move on to his assertion that Giuliani is “the toughest cop in the country.” He ain’t. He was simply the benefactor of an “increase the police” policy instituted by his defeated opponent and of a national crime decline in crime, which continued under the flourishing economy of the 90s. That’s it and that’s all.

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