Carnival Queen

Love it. An English town has chosen gay 15-year-old David Bridge to be their carnival queen.

He auditioned in front of the mayor of Axbridge, Somerset reports The Sun.

David said: "I've always liked the carnival and I thought, 'Why not take part?'

…He added: "There will be a few bigots who might not approve, but I'm hoping to show I've enough confidence to carry it off. It's important to show you don't have to be in London to dress up as a gay or in drag costume."

Carnival committee chairman Robin Goodfellow, 66, said: "We couldn't eliminate him just because he was male. Some people might be offended but we'd rather be inclusive than exclusive. It's hard enough to get people involved as it is.”
Rather be inclusive than exclusive. What a concept.

As predicted, there’s some grousing.

Local Chris Whittaker said: "We can't believe it. It's political correctness gone mad. How on earth can you have a carnival queen who's a bloke?"
Perhaps someone ought to explain to Mr. Whittaker that lots of blokes are queens.

Carnival organizers said that part of the reason David was chosen was because of a lack of interest from girls—which is weirdly even more encouraging. None of the local girls were interested in doing the pageant thing, which left room for a gay boy to turn the entire thing on its head. Now that’s a bloody carnival!

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