Taking a cue from John Amato regarding an unauthorized leak to the Daily News, which subsequently reported on the FBI sting which nabbed alleged terrorists chatting online about blowing up a commuter train in New York, Glenn Greenwald asked yesterday, “Why are Bush supporters celebrating today's leak of classified information?” The obvious answer is, of course, that they’re raging hypocrites devoid of the merest trace of integrity. But no need to take my word for it, since Glenn lays out the case.

I’m not a qualified physician, but I’m nonetheless fairly certain that at some point, a brain which sustains such wanton disregard for consistency, necessitating continual radical shifts in its thought processes, would actually begin to undermine the integrity of the skull which holds it. So I’m predicting we’ll see a massive epidemic of cranial implosions beginning around mid-2007, with an epicenter somewhere near eastern Kansas.

(Crossposted at Ezra’s place.)

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