melting Snow

It was Trial By Fire day at the WH today and Tony Snow was quickly turning into a puddle. Check out bits and pieces from the press conference today:

WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY TONY SNOW: Whether it passes or not, as you know, Terry, there have been a number of cases where civil rights matters have risen on a number of occasions, and they've been brought up for repeated consideration by the United States Senate and other legislative bodies...

Q You mentioned civil rights. Are you comparing this to various civil rights measures which have come to the Congress over the years?

MR. SNOW: Not -- well, these -- it --

Q Is this a civil right?

MR. SNOW: Marriage? It actually -- what we're really talking about here is an attempt to try to maintain the traditional meaning of an institution that has maintained one meeting for -- meaning for a period of centuries. And furthermore --

Q And you would equate that with civil rights?

MR. SNOW: No, I'm just saying that I think -- well, I don't know. How do you define civil rights?

Q It's not up to me. Up to you.

MR. SNOW: Okay. Well, no, it's your question. So I -- if I --

Q (Chuckles.)

MR. SNOW: I need to get a more precise definition.

Oh, this is is hardly the only fumble. It actually gets better:

Q Tony, talks on the issue of civil rights as it relates to this marriage amendment, will there be a civil rights violation for gays if the amendment does go through? Was that -- (inaudible) -- reflective of thought --

MR. SNOW: A civil rights violation for gays? No, the president has made it clear he wants people to be able to live their private lives as they see fit.

Q But wait a minute. But if --

MR. SNOW: Whoa. What do you mean, a civil rights violation? You mean that it would be a violation of civil rights to be gay?

Q No, no, no, no.

MR. SNOW: Oh, okay.

Moving beyond Snow's apparent ridiculous misunderstanding, there's the "the president has made it clear he wants people to be able to live their private lives as they see fit". What an utter horseshit, bald-faced lie. What kind of kool-aid do they feed Snow for him to be able to make such a statement when talking about an amendment to the Constitution to prevent people from living their private lives as they see fit. What.The.Fuck.

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