As I’ve noted on previous occasions, the party that considers gay marriage, women’s reproductive freedom, condoms, and comprehensive sex education all vicious threats to civilization as we know it, is curiously prolific in its production of true perverts. Or maybe they just attract deviants. It’s really one of those chicken-egg conundrums.

In any case…you name it, and the GOP’s got it. Pedophiles, more pedophiles, lots and lots of pedophiles, wife-rapers, mule-fuckers, falafel-creeps, closet cases, gay hookers, Hookergate, dirty novelists—they’ve got it all.

And now they’ve got one more.

Political consultant Carey Lee Cramer (R), credited with an anti-Al Gore ad in 2000 that showed a young girl picking daisy petals and ends with a nuclear blast, is charged with molesting two girls, including the one in the ad, according to McAllen Monitor.
Superb. Way to stay the course on sexual deviance, GOP.

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