Coulter draws new line in the sands of ghastly rhetoric, then promptly crosses it.

Some are of the opinion that Coulter is best ignored by media critics. Frankly, I disagree. I think it’s a telling commentary on the state of our media that she continues to find a place on mainstream news and entertainment programs, even while she spews vile filth like this:

John Murtha: The reason soldiers invented "fragging."
Daou points to the definition of fragging: “Frag is a term from the Vietnam War, most commonly meaning to assassinate an unpopular member of one's own fighting unit by dropping a fragmentation grenade into the victim's tent at night. A fragging victim could also be killed by intentional friendly fire during combat. In either case, the death would be blamed on the enemy, and, due to the dead man's unpopularity, no one would contradict the cover story. The intended victim of a fragging was sometimes given warnings, of which the first might be a grenade pin on the sheet of the victim, and later on, a tear gas grenade.”

Yep, that’s right. Ann Coulter, self-proclaimed Christian and supporter of the troops, has suggested that a former marine, Vietnam veteran, and sitting Congressman for over 30 years should be murdered in cold blood.

What, pray tell, would it take for the media to stop giving this revolting harpy a platform from which to spew her venom? On the same day the interview from whence this quote came was published, she paraded her maniacal rantings on the stage of The Tonight Show, the worthless, appeasing host of which compared her to Michael Moore, who—like him or not—has never remotely approached such depths of contemptible discourse. Just how unbelievably depraved does this walking sack of shit have to be before she is permanently relegated to the obscurity she deserves?

And the odious renditions to which we are regularly subjected by the likes of Coulter are just the first part of the story.

Not only is she a monstrous font of diarrheic vitriol who disgorges a continual torrent of loathsome rhetoric against progressives; the infrequency with which she manages to emit accurate assertions is approximately as common as photographic evidence of unicorns. She is a factless, pointless wonder. I’ve heard more astute political observations from a pile of day-old puke. Neither clever nor talented, she has traded in on her willingness to be a freak show exhibit—a scum-sucking fembot explicitly self-designed to process the grimiest, tar-black slime she can find and turn it into little nuggets of nourishment for a mass of ravenous ghouls, who clamor to worship at the altar of the allegedly alluring beauty with the most rancid mouth and putrid mind ever to darken America’s doorstep.

She is the uncontested queen of a sickness that plagues America, rotting the brains of the pathetic sods who shuffle their zombie corpses in front of the telly every night to listen to a stream of lunatics marginalize progressives as traitors, terrorist sympathizers, seditionists, just for having a different bloody opinion.

In the world that Ann Coulter has helped create, suggesting that any one of the president’s myriad of failures might be down to poor policy is akin to treason, but calling for the murder of a sitting Congressman is just good, plain conservative fun. We have reached the Bizzaro Point. Finding our way back to the Real World starts with the media treating Coulter like the poison she is, once and for all.

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