Bush the Diplomat

Nobody likes him, everyone hates him, and sitting in the corner eating wet cigarette butts isn’t getting him anywhere, so Bush has decided to try diplomacy. Not internationally, mind you. Just at home. And just people in his own party:

Now, with Mr. Bush's poll numbers sinking and his agenda faltering, the White House needs Republicans in Congress more than ever. Without necessarily taking the advice he is seeking from Capitol Hill, Mr. Bush is adding a more personal touch to his presidency in an effort to put himself in the good graces of lawmakers.

…[T]he president, a man not given to Washington schmoozing, now holds intimate cocktail parties on the Truman Balcony, overlooking the South Lawn, for lawmakers and their spouses, complete with tours of the Lincoln Bedroom led by him and the first lady.

For the first time in his presidency, Mr. Bush is also inviting lawmakers to the White House in small groups not to discuss specific issues, but simply to ask what is on their minds. These informal brainstorming sessions occur not in the Oval Office, but over iced tea and lemonade in the cozy Yellow Oval room of the private residence.
Gee, only five years in and he’s learning that there’s a whole other branch of government, the members of which are worth paying attention to, if not actually taking their advice. Not the tightest learning curve I’ve ever seen, but presidenting is hard work. It’s not the easiest position to approach when you’re totally dependent upon on-the-job training. Just wait until he discovers the Democrats—that will be fun!

Next year, I look forward to a NYT article announcing Bush’s amazing new ability to discern his ass from his elbow.

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