Bill “Good Ideaz” Frist hits another one out of the park.

Dear President Bush:

"The threat from Iran is only going to grow in the years ahead. We need to take steps now to prepare to deal with that threat," Frist, R-Tenn., said in a letter to the president.

…"As Iran continues to make progress in deploying its Shahab 3 missiles and developing new, longer range missiles, while simultaneously pursuing nuclear weapons, the ability to shoot down Iranian warheads in flight becomes increasingly critical to our national security," Frist said.
In case you missed the upshot (no pun intended) of Frist’s missive, basically he wants to build a European missile-defense site. He believes: “The time has come to revive and reinvigorate discussions with allies in Europe that have previously expressed interest in hosting these interceptors at a third site on their territory.”

Previously…as in, prior to the GOP turning America into the crazy kid that no one wants to play with because he blows up frogs with firecrackers.

Which, btw, our president actually used to do.

Frankly, I’m nowhere near convinced that successfully protecting ourselves from Iran is dependent on sticking a missile-defense system (have those things even been proven to work?) in Europe, but let’s say for shits and giggles that it did. That would create one more line item we can add to the Why You Shouldn’t Constantly Piss Off Your Allies List.

#7,982: Because you might want to put a weapons defense system in their backyard someday.

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