The Tyrannasaurus of Turpitude Gives Hayden the Thumbs-Down

In addition to the Republican chairs of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees balking at Bush's nomination of Michael Hayden to replace erstwhile CIA chief Porter Goss, Speaker of the House and hacktacular pot o’ crap Dennis Hastert is making decidedly unfavorable noises, too, calling Porter's, ahem, resignation "a power grab" by Negroponte. Roll Call's got the scoop, though it's sub-only. AMERICAblog provides the quote:

Hastert’s opposition to Hayden is not based on any personal reservations about the nominee. Rather, Hastert is concerned that installing a top-ranking military official at the "CIA would give too much influence over the U.S. intelligence community to the Pentagon."

"I don't know anything about him. He has never darkened my doorstep," Hastert told reporters on Monday in Aurora, Ill., when asked about Hayden. "I don't think a military guy should be head of CIA, frankly."
Looks like Hayden's in for a rough well he should be.

Shades of the Harriet Miers SCOTUS nomination. Let’s hope Hayden is crying over beers with the unceremoniously ditched Miers in no time.

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