Meet the Martyrs

David and Tonia Parker are suing because their 5-year-old son brought home a book from school that features a gay family. The basis for their suit is the claim that “officials violated their parental rights to teach morals to their own children.”

Morals that don’t include tolerance of homosexuality, but do allow for David Parker to throw a shit-fit and subsequently be arrested “for refusing to leave a Lexington school after officials refused to meet his demand that he be notified when homosexuality was discussed in his son's class.”

Wev, assholes. Gay families exist. Your preposterous temper tantrums aren’t going to change that, so just shut the fuck up and get with the program. There are a lot of people who have “moral” objections to divorce, too, but it’s hardly feasible to pretend it doesn’t exist.

Seriously—these people are deranged. They’re acting like they’re required to get into the mechanics of homosexuality with a 5-year-old when all they have to say is that some families have two mommies or two daddies. I don’t imagine they felt obligated to haul out copies of Hustler to explain the concept of marriage to their kid, so why are they acting like a book on gay families necessitates anything more? “Oh, great! Now we’re going to have to buy a buttplug and other stereotypical homosexual visual aids to explain gay families to Junior!” Yeesh.

(Hat tip to Holly.)

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