Lunatic homobigot falls out with Fall Out Boy

Pam, by way of Brady at Some Guys Are Normal, points to this this story about an unhinged mom who has decried a Fall Out Boy concert as a "liberal homosexual rally" after bassist Pete Wentz made a statement against sexism, racism, and homophobia.

Wentz: "The only thing I said in Charlotte was, 'You can leave this show and say, I think this guy is an arrogant jerk or think, This band is better than this one, because these are your opinions. The only thing we consider unacceptable is for you to engage in sexist, racist or homophobic behavior. If you do, we don't want you as a fan. Return our merch and leave.'"

Crazy Mom, in an email to Wentz: "The ticket said 'all ages,' and your band was very foul-mouthed and anti-morals. Charlotte is not the demoralized city that liberal San Francisco and other cities across the North and West are...I had looked forward to this concert with my girls for months [and] I didn't spend over $200 on gas, food and, unfortunately, shirts for you to give your own personal political testimony. ... This was a concert, not some liberal homosexual rally."

Yeah, just shut up and play your music, monkey-boy! Damn you and your "foul-mouthed" tolerance!

As Pam says, "You would have thought that he was about to drop trou and start humping some male concertgoer in front of this mom's eyes."

Which is, perhaps, what Wentz may have felt like doing in response, if he's got a sick sense of humor like I do. But, instead, he issued the following response: "I encourage fans of our band to grow up to become good people and to change the world. Unfortunately, I don't believe that treating other people as inhuman is acceptable. If that is offensive to you, I apologize, but we don't want you to be part of our fanbase. [Our show] is not a liberal homosexual rally, but at the same time, it will never be a Ku Klux Klan rally. We don't need to sell tickets that badly."

Right on.

My only question is what Crazy Mom is really angry about. Fall Out Boy made it clear they don't want her bigoted ass as a fan, anyway, so all she need do is take their advice and move along. And something tells me that's what's really sticking in her craw. Moralizing bullies like her are so used to being able to cause a huge fuss by tossing around a few accusations of--gasp!--liberalism or--swoon!--homosexuality, but, in this case, the targets of her ire simply don't give a flying shit. She can scream until she's blue in the face, and they'll continue to shrug. What a downer. Don't they know her game is no fun unless they indulge her, unless they treat her bigotry as the snow-white morality she asserts it to be? Harrumph!

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