I couldn't get him to jump out of a cake...

Because that would be really horrifying and wrong. So here is a picture of the Bard in a little birthday hat. Because... it's Shakespeare's Sister's Birthday!

I won't bore you with the story of how Melissa and I latched onto each other; she put that in my recent birthday thread. I just wanted to say that I'm eternally grateful for her friendship. She makes me laugh on a daily basis, she's a constant ego boost, she has given me a readership larger than I ever dreamed possible...

But she has also performed the ultimate sacrifice; the test of true friendship. She sat with me through an entire B-Fest. Close to 24 hours of cinematic body blows, eating trail mix and drinking tepid bottled water, in a small theatre seat designed to make your butt numb after about 30 minutes, in a cloud of impenetrable nerd funk.

Now, that's a good friend.

Happy Birthday, Shakes! Soon we will be drinking together, and it will be good.

(Wanted to get this in early... I'm sure Mister Shakes will be saying glowing things later on today!)

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