Gay Student Barred from Prom

Kevin Logan, a gay student in Gary, nearly next door to me, was turned away from his prom at the door by the school principal, because he was wearing a gown instead of a tux. Honestly, how much longer are we going to have to deal with this shit? It's so tired. Let the kid wear his dress and enjoy his fucking prom!

My local paper has reported this story under the headline Prom ‘queen’ not welcome. Ho ho ho.

The Indiana Civil Liberties Union is on the case, and they helped win a similar case on behalf of an Indianapolis teen in 1999, so they’ll do well by Kevin, too, no doubt—even though it won’t change the fact that he was denied access to his prom and won’t ever get that night back.

The most interesting thing about this story, though, is the kid at the center of it—and the support he’s getting from his mom and peers.

Logan said he had spent years defining and exploring his sexuality. This year, he took a major step toward self-identity by dressing as a female every day this school year.

“Last year I could not be myself. Now, I wear makeup, weave, nails, girls’ fitted jeans — what the (heck)!” Kevin proclaimed laughing, relishing his liberty from gender codes.

“I had a problem with her (Principal Rouse) the first day of school because I had a purse. A week before prom she told me female clothing would not be allowed,” Logan said.

Rouse directed questions to central administration. She refused to sit down for a talk with Donnetta and Kevin Logan, but told a counselor to make sure a receipt was given for the refund.

“I’m not surprised by this ignorance,” Donnetta Logan said. “I tell Kevin that in society there will be those who accept him and those who won’t.”

She and Kevin both believe Rouse might have been discriminating against his sexual orientation and cross-dressing.

“I’m gay. I’m a drag queen,” Kevin said matter-of-factly.

…West Side students reported that a girl was allowed to attend the prom in a tuxedo. … West Side student Deonte Cotton, 18, was one of several peers angry over the principal banning Logan.

“His wearing a dress wasn’t hurting anybody, so nothing should have been said,” Cotton said. “I feel it was discrimination.”

Kevin said he feels schools should be more respectful of student rights: “People are coming out more. They are not staying in the closet like they used to. They want to be themselves.”
Bravo, Kevin. And how cool is his mum? I couldn’t be more pleased to see such boldness in the face of discrimination right in my own backyard.

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