Pink Pistols


Remember when Justin on Queer As Folk briefly joined that gay vigilante group the Pink Ponies or whatever they were called? It was like Queer Fist or one of those other groups where gays get together to be tough and talk about how they're not gonna take any more shit. Well the Pink Pistols take it one step further because they will shoot your ass if you mess with them, all in the name of "self defense."

They have "ruffled the feathers" of other gay groups with their pro-gun stance, and a lot of people feel that being gay and supporting the NRA makes about as much sense as driving a pink Hummer. But the majority of the Pink Pistols seems to identify as libertarian as opposed to hardline liberal or conservative. Gwen Patton, a member of the Delaware chapter, says, "Some of us love Bush, but that's a whole different agenda." At least they have a sense of humor! But you'd better laugh or she'll blow your face off.
Queerty also points to the Philadelphia Weekly article that profiles Pink Pistols, called “The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight,” which you can read here. Clever reference, but there are straight members of the Pink Pistols. It’s heartwarming to see gay-straight alliances finally reach the lunatic fringe.

In all seriousness, violence against the LGBT community is no small thing, but these people are nuts. And it’s not because they want to protect themselves; it’s because there’s some kind of severe mental break happening in a mind that can sustain the cognitive dissonance required to be a Bush fan while simultaneously being (rightfully) bitter and fearful about homobigots.

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