"Name that Cult Movie"- Answers A Plenty

Methinks this week was a little too easy; when one person can guess them all in one shot, I might need to dig a little deeper!

1. Chopping Mall- I thought this one was a total giveaway... after all, how many movies feature killer robots in a shopping mall? Movies set in shopping malls are so 80's... there's a genre that definitely does not need a comeback.

2. The People Under the Stairs- I was pretty surprised how many people knew this one. I guess I'm not the only person out there that'll watch anything with Wes Craven's name on it, hoping it will be as good as the original Nightmare on Elm Street. If you haven't seen this movie, by the way, it's a good rental. Not a fantastic movie by any means, but it's a fun little popcorn movie.

3. The Star Wars Holiday Special- Okay, so technically this isn't a "movie," but it definitely qualifies as "cult." It's so bad, that George Lucas would gladly destroy every copy in existence, if he could get his hands on them. (Really!) If you haven't seen it, I don't know if I would even recommend tracking down a copy; it's that bad. Of course, if you're addicted to crap like me, you're now feverishly googling to find a bootleg. Let me just say one thing: Harvey Korman in drag. Yes, that's him in the picture above. You can read a great writeup on the "special" here.

4. Batman Returns- In my opinion, the best of the Batman movies. Yes, Batman Begins was absolutely incredible, but I still have a special place in my black little heart for this movie. It's the only one that didn't suffer from "too many villains-itis," even though it featured three bad guys. No one could deliver that bit of dialogue like Christopher Walken.

5. The Monster Squad- Pair this line with "Wolfman's got nards!" Where the hell is the DVD release?

6. Bad Taste- Another early (read: extremely gory) Peter Jackson flick to inflict upon unsuspecting LOTR nerds. This was actually the first Jackson film I ever saw; we rented it completely unprepared for what we were about to see. The instant the sheep blew up, I knew this movie would be one of my favorites. "Lucky me! I got a chunky bit!"

7. The Dark Crystal- God, I miss Jim Henson.

8. Zardoz- The movie that I thought no one would know, and just about everyone leapt upon this quote. Although I suppose when you're watching a movie featuring Sean Connery running around in next to nothing, lectures on the evils of the penis, and a giant flying stone head, you won't forget it too easily. I think this would be a great shlock double feature paired with Battlefield Earth. Kerbango!

9. Prince of Space- One of the all-time great MST3K shows. Featuring the evil intergalactic chicken-man Krankor. This just was re-released on DVD (sans MST-ing) by Dark Sky Films, my current pick for "Paul's Favorite DVD Company." "We like it very much!"

10. The Creeping Terror- Sure, Princess Leia complained about the "big walking carpet" in her way, but she never had to deal with an intergalactic carpet monster swallowing every person unfortunate enough to get in its path!!
Okay, that was a stretch.

If the quote from this movie seemed rather odd to you, there's a good reason for that. You see, the soundtrack to the film was lost, so everything in the movie is explained in voiceover by a narrator. Even the dialogue. I guess it's cheaper than looping; you only have to hire one person to do the voiceover!

Have anything to add? Let me know in comments! Thanks for playing...

UPDATE: The Green Knight, ever alert, points us to these streaming videos of the Star Wars Holiday special. As he puts it, the video and sound quality is poor, but that's "probably an improvement." Don't say I didn't warn you!

(The Cross-Post that ate Cincinatti...)

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