It's Stories Like These

...along with all the troubles Bush and his winged monkeys are having these days that make me think The Supreme Being is getting sick and tired of these bozos.

Cue crazed Fundie frothing!

Ancient Fossils Fill Gap in Early Human Evolution.

Yes, evolution. Choke on it, fundie bitches!
LONDON (Reuters) - An international team of scientists have discovered 4.1 million year old fossils in eastern Ethiopia that fill a missing gap in human evolution.

The teeth and bones belong to a primitive species of Australopithecus known as Au. anamensis, an ape-man creature that walked on two legs.

The Australopithecus genus is thought to be an ancestor of modern humans. Seven separate species have been named. Au. anamensis is the most primitive.

"This new discovery closes the gap between the fully blown Australopithecines and earlier forms we call Ardipithecus," said Tim White, a leader of the team from the University of California, Berkeley.

"We now know where Australopithecus came from before 4 million years ago."
Sorry, can you speak up, Tim? I can't hear you over all this wailing and gnashing of teeth.
Along with the hominid fossils, the scientists discovered hundreds of remains of pigs, birds, rodents and monkeys as well as hyenas and big cats which gave them an idea of the habitat in which they existed.

"Here, in a single Ethiopian valley, we have nearly a mile-thick stack of superimposed sediments and twelve horizons yielding hominid fossils. These discoveries confirm the Middle Awash study area as the world's best window on human evolution," White added.

I eagerly await the first batshit-insane Pat Robertson quote. Should be a lulu.

(Cross-post... I just met a girl named Cross-post...)

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