Duh of the Day

MissPenName emailed me the link to this AP article, which reports on a study that finds that “Sex is more satisfying in countries where women and men are considered equal, according to an international study of people between the ages of 40 and 80 by researchers at the University of Chicago.” What a fucking shocker!

"Male-centered cultures where sexual behavior is more oriented toward procreation tend to discount the importance of sexual pleasure for women," [lead researcher Edward Laumann] said.
OMG! I never would have guessed. Who would have thought that men who don’t believe women should have sex for pleasure would, in fact, not care about pleasuring women?! The only thing that may help me get over this crazy mindfuck is the joy I’m given by the University of Chicago having conclusively proven that when we accuse anti-feminist conservative trollboys of being bad in bed, we’re not just being bitchy—we’re reporting the facts!

In the US, about 3/4 of men and 2/3 of women reported being “very satisfied” with the physical and emotional aspects of their sex lives. Older men tend to report greater satisfaction than older women, which probably accounts for some of the disparity, as the percentages of people who fall into the procreation-centered category no doubt increase with age, making a man more likely to be unconcerned about his partner’s sexual pleasure the older he is, and making a woman less likely to ask for it, or even know for what to ask, the older she is. I imagine this also tracks pretty closely with people’s willingness to engage in reciprocal oral sex, which is much more likely to be regarded as a staple of one’s sex life the younger (and more liberal) one is.

That’s probably why there seems to be a never-ending stream of anti-sex conservatives who have endless amounts of time to yap about what deviant fiends we all are. They ought to try otherwise engaging their mouths, and maybe they’d find reason to sing the praises of that which they so despise.

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