Bush is counting on your apathy; don't deliver.

After his own nauseating apathy contributed to the disaster that befell New Orleans in Katrina's aftermath, now President Bush is hoping that the rest of us are just as useless as he is, so he can save spending $6 billion instead of giving NOLA the protection it needs. About $3 billion is needed to reinforce Algiers, eastern New Orleans, the Lower 9th Ward, West Jefferson, and most of Jefferson Parish's east bank, St. Charles Parish, Belle Chasse, and Lower Coast Algiers, and about $3 billion more is needed to reinforce Plaquemines Parish. Scout Prime reports on the issue, which isn't getting the attention it deserves, just as Bush no doubt hopes.

Donald Powell who is Bush’s point man on Katrina reconstruction has said Bush is making no promises regarding the needed $6 billion…

Without levee protection residents and business will not return. It is that simple. This is a crucial time for NOLA which one could make a case has been lying out there for some time and known to the administration…

Bush is counting on the fact that people have lost interest and are not paying attention.
You know what to do. Contact your Senators and Representatives and let them know you are paying attention. And that you've also noticed there's an election this year, and if they'd like your votes, they'd better tell Bush to get off his lazy, contemptible ass and properly fund the rebuilding of NOLA.

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