Within this distressing article about homeless people living in their cars, I find this little piece of information:

The number of "mobile homeless," as they are often called, tends to climb whenever the cost of housing outpaces wages, Dr. Hopper said. Last year was the first year on record, according to an annual study conducted by the National Low Income Housing Coalition, that a full-time worker at minimum wage could not afford a one-bedroom apartment anywhere in the country at average market rates.
But let’s make those tax cuts permanent!

On Friday’s Real Time w/ Bill Maher, that asshole Rep. Dana Rohrabacher was babbling about how illegal immigrants are bad for American workers because “they” (meaning undocumented workers) depress wages. And that’s just all kinds of scapegoating bullshit. Undocumented workers don’t depress wages—companies who employ undocumented workers for less than minimum wage depress wages, not the workers who accept the jobs. The money-grubbing bastard execs of corporate America who fight minimum wage increases depress wages. Their bought-and-paid-for cronies in the White House who reward them with tax breaks for offshoring and outsourcing jobs (and likewise resist minimum wage increases) depress wages. The CEOs who take home salaries 100x or more the average employee salary depress wages. Greed depresses wages in America.

And, as it happens, that kind of wanton, irresponsible, soulless greed depresses me, too.

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