The War on Easter

I kid you not.

Already, many stores and malls across the U.S. are preparing for seasonal events, with some refraining from usage of terms like "the Easter Bunny," opting instead for more generic terms like "Spring Bunny," or other names avoiding the name "Easter."

One such location is the Somerset Collection, an upscale mall in Troy, Mich., serving 14 million shoppers per year. It's now publicizing an event with its "Spring Bunny" and Walt Disney's Winnie the Pooh.

The event caught the attention of WorldNetDaily reader Tim Edwards, who says, "It appears that this very important Christian holiday is under assault just like Christmas is."
Not to get all “rational” about it or anything, but separating a pagan image of the spring equinox—the rabbit—from the word “Easter,” referencing a Christian holiday, could, conceivably, be a good thing from a genuine Christian perspective. But then again, if Easter is all about Jesus and not about buying lots of Easter eggs and fancy new dresses, that tends to undermine America’s real religion—capitalism.

The hat tip for the story goes to Pam, but Echidne had the idea for a War on Easter first. Of course, she was kidding.

As for me, I’m just declaring a war on Peeps, which I think are the foulest little bits of pseudo-edible material on the planet.

My War on Easter ended circa 1983, when I fought Easter…and Easter won.

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