Quote of the Day

President Bush, today, after a meeting with his Cabinet:

We talked about a war on terror that requires all of us involved in government to respond and to protect America and help spread freedom…

Tomorrow I'm going to deliver a third in a series of speeches about the situation in Iraq. During Saddam Hussein's brutal rule he exploited the ethnic and religious diversity of Iraq by setting communities against one another. And now the terrorists and former regime elements are doing the same -- they're trying to set off a civil war through acts of sectarian violence.
Sorry—which country is he talking about? What leader? Who is it that exploits ethnic and religious diversity by setting communities against one another? The extensions of whose regime are trying to set off a civil war rooted in religious differences?

Go on and give your speech about the escalating violence in Iraq, while you continue to ignore the signs that we’re on the same road to hell here at home, while prominent members of your own party sign up to give keynote addresses at conferences like “The War on Christians.” Your selective apathy toward radical factions that serve your agenda continues to be, as has it ever been, a splendid idea. Wanker.

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