Question of the Day

Re: the fancy new Democratic flyers coming soon to a doorknob near you, posted below, and my contention that there should have been a #7 which mentioned “something, anything, about civil liberties, equality, reproductive rights, etc.,” Toast suggested that the QotD should be: What would your Item 7 be on the Dems' flyer?

There still seems to be a lot of angst about that dreadful “Together, America Can Do Better” slogan, too—which, back in October, we both mocked and legitimately tried to improve on. But that’s been awhile now, so, aside from your Item 7, got a better slogan (serious or not-so-serious)?

I like Litbrit’s Blowjobs are better than no jobs. I’m also still fond of Tart’s We'll suck your cock for a thousand bucks and another seat in Congress, and Cruel Animal’s Democrats: A thousand points of hindsight.

My entry under the “serious” category remains: Progress, not politics.

Of course, I admit that’s predicated on the willingness to actually progress and stop playing politics. Call it my hopeful slogan.

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