QoTD: Shaker personalities

While I'm trying to figure out why blogger isn't uploading an image for another post I'm writing, I'm putting up today's QoTD.

Inspired by Pam's post on the Freepi and their Myers-Briggs assessment--most freepi are iNTj, which is Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging. Also known as "The Masterminds". Yes, really.

I emailed Melissa earlier about this and we thought it'd be interesting to see how ShakerLand compares to the Freepi.

Here the test.

I am an iNFj [I am too--Shakes]:

Beneath the quiet exterior, INFJs hold deep convictions about the weightier matters of life. Those who are activists -- INFJs gravitate toward such a role -- are there for the cause, not for personal glory or political power.

INFJs are champions of the oppressed and downtrodden. They often are found in the wake of an emergency, rescuing those who are in acute distress. INFJs may fantasize about getting revenge on those who victimize the defenseless. The concept of 'poetic justice' is appealing to the INFJ.

"There's something rotten in Denmark." Accurately suspicious about others' motives, INFJs are not easily led. These are the people that you can rarely fool any of the time. Though affable and sympathetic to most, INFJs are selective about their friends. Such a friendship is a symbiotic bond that transcends mere words.

INFJs have a knack for fluency in language and facility in communication. In addition, nonverbal sensitivity enables the INFJ to know and be known by others intimately.

Writing, counseling, public service and even politics are areas where INFJs frequently find their niche.

The link above details out all the combinations and this link discusses them as well (according to it, I'm a "counselor idealist").

What are you?

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