Oklahoma is Not OK

Check out this bullshit:

Books for children about gay families will have to be removed from the kids' sections of public libraries under legislation passed Wednesday night by the Oklahoma House.

The bill allows the state to withhold funding from local libraries that don't restrict children's access to reading material with sexually explicit or gay themes.
Sexually explicit or gay. The implication, of course, is that being gay isn’t just about same-sex attraction, but about a whole deviant “lifestyle” to which no part of it children should ever be exposed, revolving as it does around a fiendish hypersexuality.

Think that’s hyperbole? Think again.

The author of the legislation Rep. Sally Kern (R-Oklahoma City) said that children need to be protected from sexually explicit material that "is turning young people into sex machines."

…Lawmakers specifically criticized "King & King," "Daddy's Roommate," "The Duke Who Outlawed Jelly Beans" and "Heather Has Two Mommies."

The LGBT-themed books are geared to children's reading levels - from just learning to read to about age 12.
Gay themes will turn kids into sex machines. Gay themes like kids who are part of gay families.

In good news, the bill will likely be defeated in the State Senate. As well it should be.

Anti-gay crusaders are so fucked in the head. They think every gay person is a rampaging sex predator, preying on children to convert them to their unnatural lifestyle during the brief interludes between engaging in anonymous, loveless sex with hoards of strangers. Yeah, there are some gay sluts—and there are plenty of straight sluts, too, which the homobigots conveniently ignore, since it might undermine the premise that sexuality is a human issue, not a straight or gay one. And they patently refuse to believe that gays are exactly as boring as the rest of us, with stupid jobs and maxed-out credit cards and mortgages and, if they’re lucky, regular sex that’s still pretty hot with a partner with whom they’ve approximated a marriage. Maybe the anti-gay brigade ought to try talking to some gay people, if they can find the time in their busy schedules of legislating ridiculous bills in response to the strawgays they so desperately fear and despise.

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