More on the Dems’ Disarray

Neb makes a good point here that follows up on my irritation that the Dems have turned any vague appearance of actually doing their jobs into a fundraising opportunity.

I got an email today from Howard Dean. You know…the chairman of the Democratic National Committee. It said some stuff about Russ Feingold's new censure bush resolution or what have you. It also said that they want me to give them money so more good things can happen…

My problem is this:

Today, I read about how no democrat sided with Feingold on his censure bill save one.
Yeah, that’s a problem. Asking for money in support of a move that the party itself isn’t supporting, because you know there’s support for it among the grassroots, is revoltingly opportunistic.

Here’s another problem. DBK and I were having a little venting session via email, and brainstorming what can be done at this point. At one point, I noted:

Check this out: In Indiana, Republican Senator Lugar is up for reelection, and he doesn't even have a Democratic challenger. The Republican Secretary of State is up for reelection, and he doesn't have a Democratic challenger (although there is a Green in the running). The Republican State Treasurer and Republican State Auditor are ineligible to seek reelection in 2006, and they don't have Democratic challengers. Just two more Republicans who will walk into office because NO ONE IS RUNNING AGAINST THEM!!!

…The Dems haven't even bothered to give me anyone to vote for.
That’s a big problem.

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