Keeping up with the Joneses

Jealous of the fanfare over the spate of recent appearances made by Jesus and Mary, Allah and Mohammed have decided to get in on the action.

Two fish purchased at an English pet shop by Ali AlWaqedi, 23, appear to have Arabic inscriptions on their scales.

One Oscar fish bearing the name Allah and the other Mohammed are living in a fish tank in Liverpool while drawing crowds of the faithful to witness the "miracle."

Ali said: "This is a message from Allah to me, a reminder, and now my faith is stronger. Everyone is so excited by the discovery," reported the Liverpool Echo.

Leaders at the nearby Al-Rahma mosque in Hatherley Street, are in no doubt about the authenticity.

Sheikh Sadek Kassem, the mosque's Imam, said, "This is a proof and a sign not just to Liverpool's Muslims, but for everyone."
Arabic inscriptions aren’t quite as showy as burning one’s face through cheese, but, being a good Muslim, Mohammed probably can’t show a picture of his own face either. It’s an interesting bit of oneupmanship, though, since The Big Guy made an appearance, too. Come on Christian God—are you going to let Allah get away with that? I expect to hear about the sighting of a bearded old man on a tree trunk ASAP. Heck, maybe just to be sure the message gets through, he ought to bring back the burning bush. (Insert your own presidential pun here.)

Via Agitprop.

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