Dodging Dems

The Dems react to Feingold’s resolution:

"I haven't read it," demurred Barack Obama…

"I just don't have enough information," protested Ben Nelson…

"I really can't right now," John Kerry said as he hurried past a knot of reporters…

Hillary Rodham Clinton brushed past the press pack, shaking her head and waving her hand over her shoulder…

Sen. Charles Schumer, known for his near-daily news conferences, made history by declaring, "I'm not going to comment." Would he have a comment later? "I dunno," the suddenly shy senator said…

"Was it a good idea for Senator Feingold to bring up this resolution?" came the first question, from CNN's Ed Henry.

"He brings up some very important issues," Debbie Stabenow (Mich.) ventured.

Henry was unsatisfied. "So do you support censure, or not?

Stabenow took another stab. "It needs to have hearings," she said.

Mary Landrieu (La.) pursed her lips. "Senator Feingold has a point that he wants to make," she said. "We have a point that we want to make, talking about the budget."

…The number two Democratic leader, Richard Durbin (Ill.), darted out of an elevator and into lunch when he thought nobody was looking.

"I haven't made any judgment," said Jeff Bingaman (N.M.)…

"Most of us feel at best it's premature," announced Sen. Christopher Dodd (Conn.). "I don't think anyone can say with any certainty at this juncture that what happened is illegal."

…"It's a question that's been asked 33 times in the last few hours," [Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid responded to reporters who asked where he stood]. "And so, for the 34th time, I'm going to say the same thing: I'm going to wait . . .''
Credit to Iowa’s Tom Harkin, who is apparently the only Senate Democrat currently supporting Feingold.

"The president broke the law and he needs to be held accountable," he said. "Talk about high crimes and misdemeanors!" Harkin said he'll vote for the Feingold resolution -- if it comes up.
That wasn’t so hard now, was it?

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