Cult Movie Quiz: The Answering

Some were guessed right away; some left you stumped. Cookies and juice for everyone!

1. Invasion of the Body Snatchers- (The original, natch.) This seemed to be the one that everyone knew immediately. It's just one of those classic lines from 50's sci-fi, along with "Keep watching the skies!" (By the way, if you've never read the book, I highly recommend it.)

2. All About Eve- Also quoted in the extremely bizarre Dr. Caligari from the 80's.

3. Blood Feast- Have you ever had.... an Egyptian Feast?? If you can handle a little gore... well, okay, a lot of gore (although some of it does look pretty fake), rent this puppy and laugh yourself sick. You haven't seen bad acting until you've seen this movie. The brilliant Liz has an excellent review over at her b-movie site, And You Call Yourself a Scientist! Also highly recommended.

4. The Abominable Dr. Phibes- I think I have to have at least one Vincent Price movie in each of these.

5. The Leech Woman- Nastiest. Husband. Evah!

6. Female Trouble- Starring the one and only Divine, pictured above. In this film, her philosophy is "Crime is Beauty." She also "has sex with herself," playing a woman and a man in the same scene. (!) I was very tempted to use the "Nice girls don't wear cha-cha heels, Dawn!" line, but I figured that would be too easy. Right?

7. Reefer Madness- "Play it faster! Play it faster!"

8. The Omen- You've got to see this one, just to hear Richard Burton say "Eeeeeeeeevil!"

9. Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer- Boris Karloff as the killer. Big surprise, huh? I thought that this one was the most difficult/obscure one on the list.

10. Who Framed Roger Rabbit?- I don't know if this qualifies as a "cult" film (well, I think it does), but I just love that line.

Well Shakers, did you enjoy this? Should I continue to cross-post this game over here?

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