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Deanna Zandt at AlterNet’s got the contact info for the Cook County Court here, in case you’d like to let them know you don’t like the way they treat rape victims.

And if you’d like to send a comment to the Chicago Tribune’s Public Editor, go here. For a Letter to the Editor, go here. Email the author of the article, who saw fit to mention a rape where the victim recanted by clicking ">here.

I sent the following email:

Dear Mr. Barnum,

This morning I read your article about the alleged rape victim who is refusing to watch the video of her attack. I appreciate your giving attention to this story.

However, I was dismayed by your decision to reference a wholly unrelated rape case in which the victim recanted at the end of your article. It seems to serve no purpose other than to suggest that the alleged victim in this case is not being honest, which seems extremely inappropriate.

I stongly encourage you to remove the passage from the article and thusly remove the thinly veiled commentary on an alleged rape victim who has neither recanted nor been shown to have made false charges.

Best regards,
Melissa McEwan

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