Blog Against Sexism Day

I forgot today was Blog Against Sexism Day. When I first read about it, I had intended to write something about it, but over the past week, it kind of fell out of my head, you know, amidst all the blogging against sexism.

And after writing just in the last three days about abortion legislation being proposed in Tennessee, McCain's anti-abortion position, a South Dakotan state senator's insane prattling on rape and abortion, birth control v. God, an Ohio senate candidate who supports the execution of gays, Alabama's proposed abortion legislation, the nationwide abortion scorecard, a rape victim being denied captivity benefits, homobigots' presumption of homophobia, and "pro-life" hypocrisy, not to mention all the posts on related topics from all the rest of the Shakes contributors, I sort of think it's redundant to write a post explaining why I think sexism is bad.

Sexism manifests in a lot of ways, and I don't believe it's just the oppression of women. Homobigotry and misogynists' insistence on casting men who stand up in defense of women as "unmanly" are spawned of the same ugly spirit. Which is why we're all in this together, and why we should all raise our voices against sexism.

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