America 2.0

A woman in Georgia was pulled over and ticketed for having a bumper sticker on her car that read I'm Tired Of All The BUSH—. Except, you know, there wasn’t a dash.

The officer "said DeKalb had an ordinance about lewd decals and wrote me a ticket" for $100, said Grier, an oncology nurse at Emory University Hospital who lives in Athens.

Grier said she thanked the officer — and vowed to see him in court.

"This is all about free speech," Grier said in a telephone interview Monday. "The officer pulled me over because he didn't agree with my politics. That's what this is about, not whether I support Bush, not because of the war in Iraq, but about my right to free speech."

…Grier, 47, the mother of four grown sons, is due in Recorder's Court on April 18. She has not removed the bumper sticker in question, or six other mostly politically oriented decals on her car. "I used to think that one person could not make a difference," said Grier. "Now I'm beginning to think one person can, and should. We shouldn't be afraid to stand up for what we believe in."
Denise Grier, I present you with the Shakespeare’s Sister Golden Balls Award.

Your Guy Fawkes mask is in the mail.

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