What don’t you lousy motherfuckers understand about keeping your noses out of our britches, our beds, and our families?

The Holy Rollers are really on a tear lately. Aside from trying to make sure women don’t have access to life-saving medical procedures, not to mention birth control and emergency birth control, getting busy with the state initiatives to slowly chip away at abortion rights, revving up to bring the Marriage Protection Amendment to another vote, cutting funding for international family planning, increasing funding for domestic abstinence-only sex education programs, and about eight million other things we grouse about on a daily basis, now they’re embarking on a crusade to ban gay adoption in at least 16 states.

"Now that we've defined what marriage is, we need to take that further and say children deserve to be in that relationship," says Greg Quinlan of Ohio's Pro-Family Network, a conservative Christian group.
The unmitigated temerity of calling themselves the “Pro-Family” Network while they try to undermine gay families is just about enough to send me permanently around the bend. And what’s this bullshit about children deserving to be “in that relationship”? If you’re so bloody passionate about making sure kids have a mom and a dad, then surely you’re spending at least as much time and effort on deadbeat parents and trying to criminalize divorce for couples with children, right? No? Pretty much just focused on preventing gays from giving homes to unwanted children? What a fucking surprise.

Oh, and I see on your shitbag website that “Hate Crimes Bills” are one of your priorities. What does that have to do with families? Or did you get that bug up your ass, Greg, when you went through your “conversion” and got out of the “gay lifestyle” you lived for the first half of your life? Just because you were “miserable” as a gay man and were “ashamed of being gay,” doesn’t give you the right to try to ungay-by-law all the other people who don’t feel ashamed of themselves, you useless, self-loathing turd.

Social conservatives view family makeup as the next battleground after passing marriage amendments in 11 states in 2004…

Republican pollster Whit Ayres is skeptical. Adoption, he says, "doesn't have the emotional power of the gay marriage issue because there is no such thing as the phrase 'the sanctity of adoption.'"
Aww, what a disappointment that this year’s hate-mongering doesn’t have a catchy phrase that will play to the Bible-bashing pseudo-Christians. That’s a damn shame.

Seriously, these wankers need to fuck off. Have a look at the thousands of American kids who need good homes, but had the audacity to become orphans after they weren’t cute wee babies anymore, or the impudence to have physical or psychological disabilities, or the scandalous impertinence to be not white. Older children, children of color, and/or children with special needs are more likely to be adopted by gays and lesbians. Not straight married couples. Not even straight singles. No matter how devout or how pro-life or how pro-family. Gays and lesbians adopt these kids in higher numbers than anyone else.

All these kids want is a place to call home—someone to adopt them and love them and reassure them that they’re wanted. Do you think they give a rat’s ass whether they get a mom or a dad or two moms or two dads, or is it more likely that having two people to wrap loving arms around them and make them feel safe and adored would just be about the best thing they could ever imagine?

Pro-family my ass. If the allegedly pro-family crowd gave a shit about the kids who are in need of adoptive parents, they wouldn’t be trying to ban the people most likely to adopt the most unadoptable kids from doing so.

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