Shooting a 78-Year Old Man = Big Laughs

This just gets more and more disgusting as time goes on.

News stories are being scrubbed.

Scotty is yukking it up and blowing it off. Meanwhile, he knew the victim had suffered a heart attack and said nothing.

Wingnuts are slobbering that this somehow isn't Cheney's fault.

And Repugnicans are already using this to make jokes about... wait for it.. killing Democrats. Who's your comedy writer? Ann Coulter?

And finally, days later, Cheney has come down from his ivory tower to grace us mere proles with his presence, and grudgingly give a response to all this. Well, not right now. Later. On Fox news. Because, you know, he's a busy guy.
Cheney was to appear on Fox News Channel at 6 p.m. EST, the network and the White House announced. He hasn't spoken publicly about the accident Saturday that hospitalized Harry Whittington of Austin.

I guess Cheney is just damn lucky he's not hispanic.

I'm with the Green Knight. I give up.

Update: But what about Dick Cheney's feelings, you big meanies? Huh? Huh?

Leave it to Fox.

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