Random Discussion Topic #1

Circumcision. Divorced parents are arguing about whether to have their son, who is now 8, circumcised. Mother says yes; dad says no. Of course it’s in court.

For many years, it’s been routine practice in America to have baby boys circumcised, but it’s falling out of favor a bit among those whose religions don’t require it. It’s never been as prevalent in Europe. Typically, it’s defended on health and hygiene grounds, although the American Academy of Pediatrics no longer recommends routine circumcision. There isn’t really a genuine medical or hygiene-related necessity for it, though both of the rationales are doggedly hanging around as conventional wisdom.

I find it an interesting topic, because I’ve heard parents—liberal people, who wouldn’t bat an eye if a son came home with a purple mohawk and a safety pin through his nose—justify the decision to circumcise by saying they don’t want their sons to “look different” in the locker room. It’s a curious thing to find people who encourage individualism in their children feel so passionately about making sure that their genitals conform.

Personally, I happen to be a fan of the uncut cock, and, had I son, I wouldn’t take him for the old snip. What do you think?

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